School students across Edinburgh will have the opportunity to give entrepreneurship a try this weekend with the arrival of Citrus Saturday in the Scottish capital, thanks to The Prince’s Trust Scotland. The initiative, which is supported by City of Edinburgh Council and being run by The Prince’s Trust, is back in Edinburgh for a third year and will enable over 30 school students between 13 and 17 to get a taste of running their own business through setting up and managing their own lemonade stand for a day.

The students who have been taking part in The Prince’s Trust xl programme throughout the year, have been provided with mentoring and supervision by xl Advisers in their schools and have learnt business skills using the Citrus Saturday Toolkit, working hard to plan their business, coming up with the perfect citrus drink and deciding on a marketing strategy. They’ll use the toolkit and everything they’ve learned to set up and run their very own lemonade stand on Saturday 24th May in locations across Edinburgh including Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, Gyle Shopping Centre and the Royal Botanic Gardens.The stalls will be open for business between 10:00 and 14:00. Designed to be as realistic as possible to starting a new business, Citrus Saturday participants repay a small start-up loan, then keep the profits. They work really hard to plan their business, design a strategy then make and sell their products.

The idea is that keeping their profits re-enforces the link between working hard and earning money. The initiative was founded in 2011 by Timothy Barnes, Director of UCL Advances, UCL’s centre for entrepreneurship. The aim of the day is to inspire young people to consider setting up their own businesses. Following a pilot project in 2011 run by UCL in Camden, London, the initiative has since gone global, with Citrus Saturday running in Ireland, Swaziland, Germany, France, Belgium and Mozambique as well as locations across the UK with larger events in London and Edinburgh. Citrus Saturday was developed by UCL as part of the Open Innovation initiative part funded by the EU’s Interreg IVb NWE programme, UCL and City of Edinburgh Council. It is delivered in Edinburgh with support from The Prince’s Trust Scotland.

Allan Watt, Prince’s Trust Scotland Director said: Young people are inspiring and innovative. At The Prince’s Trust, we support over 600 young people to start up in business each year. Citrus Saturday is a great opportunity for school pupils from our xl clubs to explore the idea of entrepreneurship and gain some practical experience of running their own business. We are pleased to be working with UCL and City of Edinburgh Council to bring this fantastic opportunity to young people throughout the city. Cllr Frank Ross, Convener of the Economy Committee, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity and great to see so many young people experiencing the world of entrepreneurship while having fun. If it inspires only a few of them to go on and start their own business that will be a great result for the young people as well as Edinburgh’s economy.”

Jack Wratten, Manager of Citrus Saturday at UCL, said: “Working with The Prince’s Trust is really exciting for us, because it means we can bring Citrus Saturday to more schools and encourage more young people to consider giving entrepreneurship a go. “It’s a great partnership between UCL – which has provided all the teaching toolkits – and The Prince’s Trust Scotland which is second-to-none at organising things on the ground. “We’re hoping this will be just the beginning of a long and productive partnership with the Trust in the UK and lead to us being able to bring Citrus Saturday to any school which wants to take part.”

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