The UCL Launch Box is a pop-up shop in Boxpark, located in Shoreditch in East London. Boxpark advertises itself as the world’s first pop-up mall.  Launch Box was launched on 29 May and showcased products from students and businesses linked to UCL as well as products from clients of other OI Project Partners such as Laval Mayenne Technopole and the British Library.

The products included products as diverse as Coco’s Office jewellery; Baramind’s device for reducing handlebar vibration on bicycles and Ohyo’s collapsable water bottle. There is also a tree of iPads for the demonstrating and testing of apps.  There is a facility for taking credit card payments and some products have been selling well. The location of the Box is also helpful as it is next to bars and catering outlets which attracts passing foot traffic. .

There was plenty of interest in the Launch event with 100 guests attending.


The Launch Box is part of the innovation concept boutique initiative which has also seen the launch of a Neoshop in Gent and will see a Neoshop store opening in Laval later in the summer. The Neoshop brand will also be launched in London this year and the Launch Box  is a great way of OI Project partners working together to test out the concept. The beauty of the pop-up shop concept is that is quick to set up and highly flexible. Natalia Poblocka from Laval spent much of the opening week working at the Launch Box which is a great example of transnational partner working

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