Gunter Pauli sees a bright future for smart innovations inspired by nature.  The former head of the Belgian manufacturer Ecover cleaning is also the author of the bestseller Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovative projects, 100 million jobs

We can get 18 products out of a bean, derive 6 from thistles, there are 26 business related to tea blossoms. Why do we insist to focus on 1?

In Blue Economy he outlined how an economic system that is based on sustainability can be both profitable and successful, and now travels the world to deliver his message.

On Thursday April 18, his travel around the world brought him back to Belgium to give an inspiring lecture to 58 people at this exciting Voka Vista organised by Open Innovation Project partners Voka Chamber of Commerce.

The Blue Economy bookIn the blue economy very few raw materials are used and sustainability is the result of a production process that is integrated as an ecosystem. According to Pauli, this can be made possible through innovations which are based on nature:

“Imagine we would only extract one polymer from petroleum. We would go bankrupt. So why do we only extract one component from agriculture?

Just like petrochemical industry cracks out and designs in 100,000 different molecules, agro does the same. Then it can outcompete petroleum”

The success of Gunter Pauli and this lecture was later confirmed in an online survey, which was completed by 20 attendants. The result from this survey was that the vast majority of participants were very satisfied with both the speaker, the concept, the subject and the organization of this activity.

“If you & others see an opportunity, do you really want to undertake a feasibility study, killing passion the biggest driver towards success? When African villagers learn about mushroom farming on agro waste, they sing & dance. Europeans want feasibility studies & technology audits”

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