March Project Update

Dublin Transnational

Firstly, a big thank you to all our partners for making the Dublin Transnational meeting such a productive event, and of course special thanks is due to our Dublin hosts. There were fascinating talks from Dublin businesses; on National College of Ireland’s Cloud Competency Centre and also an impressive example of how public sector data can be put to good use by Dublinked.

At the meetings, we made real progress in clarifying and planning the actions required in 2013 to capitalize on the great work already carried out. A key focus for this year is the rolling-out to the rest of the project partners of those programmes developed and piloted locally. Citrus Saturday, which started in London, is a shining example of this, and we are encouraged to see strong transnational engagement on activity streams such as the Masterclasses and the Boutique.

Another theme that emerged is the importance of ensuring we are fully capturing the impact of our work, as well as publishing and promoting it. We’ve already seen much movement in this direction, and it is vital that this positive trend continues and strengthens.

Recent and upcoming visits and events

The end of February saw Edinburgh host the Summerhall Co-Creation Evening, focused on the creative sector. The event was a great success at bringing together businesses, the public sector, academia and local residents. Talks included Grid Iron Theatre Company who have staged shows in an airport, medical school and a department store – and they explained how these were made possible. We are hopeful of new collaborations being formed from the evening and are investigating running a further event later in the year.

At the time of writing, Margaret and Tom are hard at work preparing for Edinburgh’s second Citrus Saturday event. This is a great example of what Interreg is all about – bringing people together to create something new, learning from other countries and sparking creativity.  We look forward to hearing about the other Citrus Saturday events happening throughout the partnership as the year continues.


Our youtube channel now has a total of 43 videos to view, including coverage of a range of events from Turing 2012, as well as the Open Innovation in Public Services Showcase event held at the British Library. Please have a look, and feel free to like, comment on, and share any content that catches your eye.

Developments continue with the Project Website – with an updated ‘What Is Open Innovation?’ section, and the facility to view and download the Project Newsletter directly from the site.

To keep up to date with all the goings on in the project as well as other Open Innovation news and events, please subscribe to the Blog, follow us on Twitter, and/or friend us on our new Facebook page.

Graeme Rigg, Project Manager

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