Summerhall Co-Creation Evening

28 February 2013

“So inspiring! – My mind is full of fireworks”

As one of our delegates described the impact of the Summerhall Co-Creation Evening held on 28 February at Summerhall. The former home to the University of Edinburgh’s Veterinary College is now an exciting new arts venue and collaborative working space for creatives.

Advertised as both “an adventure in a crazy old building” and a professional development opportunity, the event sought to inspire, enthuse, and educate in equal measure – bringing those in Edinburgh’s creative sectors together to learn new ways of working collaboratively.

“This company is going to shake up my mind”

The first talk of the evening was from Judith Doherty, Chief Executive and Co-Artistic Director of Grid Iron, whose talk – Collaboration Or Else – the Principle of Shared Working to Overcome Challenges – covered the stories behind some of the company’s more tricky, but ultimately most rewarding collaborations.

Next up was Jamie Coleman,  Founder and Managing Director of TechCube, who chaired a series of four ‘lightning talks’ given by young up and coming tech designers and professionals. Featuring Devon Walsh of Sync, James Baster, Alan Gardener of Neo, and Alexander Cole of peekabu studios, these talks gave a unique inside-out perspective on the tech world and insight into how best those from tech and art sectors can collaborate effectively.

“Great to meet like-minded people…”

Summerhall Q and A panel session

Rupert Thomson, James Baster, Jamie Coleman, Judith Doherty, and Anu Selva-Thomson

 Following a tour of the subterranean aspects of the building, our final talk was given by Summerhall’s Head of Education, Anu Selva-Thomson. Building on choreographer Liz Lermans’ Critical Response Process, Anu’s talk discussed the importance of, and gave a new perspective on, the review process for those working in the creative sector. Following an eye-opening exercise showing that what we think we are saying is not always that which the other person is hearing, Anu presented a 5 step process for delivering truly effective reviews.

The talks were rounded off with a Q&A panel session before the group convened to the Royal Dick bar, for a chance to chew over the talks, network, and discuss potential future collaborations.

“… looking forward to collaborative projects”

With such a fantastic venue, fascinating and inspiring speakers, and the great team at Summerhall to work with – not to mention all our wonderful delegates, the event was a great success.

With both speakers and delegates drawn from such a diverse range of creative professions, perhaps the only downside, to paraphrase one of our delegates, is that there ‘wasn’t the time to meet and chat with everyone.’

Looking Forward

Given the positive feedback already received about the event, we hope to hold another event at some point in 2013. If you would like to be kept up to date on developments, and haven’t already done so already, please email me at: malcolm.finlayson@edinburgh.gov.uk.

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